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Under the initiative of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiative, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) Malaysia has taken the initiative to establish a Port Alliance with China ports which currently consists of 9 Malaysian Port Authorities and 12 Chinese Ports.
On 23rd November 2015, The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Malaysian Port Alliance and China Port Alliance called China-Malaysia Port Alliance (CMPA) was signed by Minister of Transport and witnessed by Prime Minister from both countries.
The scope of the MoU includes Port Studies, Training and Apprenticeship, Technical Assistance, Traffic Development and Promotion of Services.
Further to the CMPA MoU, MOT Malaysia has appointed Port Klang Authority (PKA) to be the Secretariat for Malaysia and at the same time MOT China has also appointed China Ports & Harbours Association (CPHA) as the Secretariat for Chinese Ports.
The parties agreed to establish the meeting mechanism of the CMPA to further implement relevant actions to be implemented in strengthening communication and cooperation between ports of China and Malaysia and to accelerate long-term development of port business based on pragmatic conditions.
The objective of CMPA establishment is to establish mutual assistance and joint co-operation particularly in the fields of port studies, communications and cooperation between the Parties.

1.    Beibuwan Port Administration Bureau;
2.    Fujian Fuzhou Port Authority;
3.    Guangzhou Port Authority;
4.    Jiangsu Taicang Port Management Committee;
5.    Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group Limited;
6.    Port of Dalian Authority;
7.    Shenzhen Port & Cargo Transportation Bureau, Shenzhen Municipal Transport Committee;
8.    Port & Shipping Authority of Haikou City;
9.    Shanghai International Port Group Co. Ltd;
10.    Xiamen Port Authority;
11.    Qingdao Port (Group) Co. Ltd; and
12.    Tianjin Port and Shipping Authority;

1.    Port Klang Authority;
2.    Johor Port Authority;
3.    Kuantan Port Authority;
4.    Bintulu Port Authority;
5.    Penang port Commission;
6.    Malacca Port Authority;
7.    Kemaman Port Authority;
8.    Sabah Ports Authority; and
9.    Kuching Port Authority

In light of the objective above, Malaysian Port Alliance has proposed 5 projects under this framework and will be led by each respective ports in Malaysia. The Projects are as follows:
1.    Project 1: E-Port Community Exchange platform to share information database
2.    Project 2: Human Resource Training and Development programs for Port Personnel
3.    Project 3: Best practices in ports and logistics industry
4.    Project 4: Mutual promotion efforts to support ports in both country
5.    Project 5: Port terminal investment, operations, and development

The 1st CMPA Annual Meeting was convened in Ningbo, China on the 13th July 2016. By virtue of a MoU on CMPA, marks the official formation of the Alliance. The subsequent Annual CMPA meeting was held on rotational basis in both countries and the latest meeting was held on 19th August 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and followed by visit to Kuantan Port and Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP) in Pahang, Malaysia on 20th August 2019.